As the mercury in thermostat rises, so is the hope of denuclearization in the Korean Peninsular.  One day the hope is off and the next day it is on AGAIN like teenagers’ romance.  Here and now words have little meaning except being ammunitions for the fast talking heads on progressive and conservative channels laced with commercials; get rich, lose weight fast, change hair color…

It is sad that parsing words are more meaningful than lives of people, Yes, us the people, are being demonized and devalued.  Some of us are called animals!  Some of our behavior belongs to the animal kingdom without values endowed on homo sapiens.  Psycho-social analysis teaches us the remedy by bringing legal corrective measures to the community of people.

I feel like living in an animal kingdom where who roars louder gets the largest juicy piece of meat, and the size of nuclear button.  How did we get to the place where parsing words and distorting facts dominate our days?  This reminds me what I wrote in my memoir, “Ring of Fire” on page 23 about 1931 when my oma (mom in Korean) was born in Japan:

The year 1931 set the stage for WWII (1939-1945) with global aggression in Europe, North Africa, Asia, Pacific and the U.S.  For example, the Hoover administration in the United States deported 500,000 foreign-born people, labeling then as deportable aliens.  The administration added an additional two hundred and fifty federal agents to herd those deportable aliens over the border…..I find it sad to think of my oma as one of the foreign-born and deportable without the ownership to the land where she was born.  Her life was dominated by the aggressive xenophobia of the time that negated her potential and dreams, along with that of many other people.

Let’s get beyond the decades long xenophobia.  Technology opened doors to improve our lives, but nay-sayers who are tightly woven into the old tapestry manipulate the technology as arsenal to justify their personal beliefs and/or grudge.

In the rising heat of discussion of myriad implications of the meeting (Yes/No/Maybe), where is the heart?  People are dying of starvation, separated from their families and children are murdered in the school.



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