Where is the Summit?

Singapore with the high point of 538’ is designated to host the North Korea and U.S. Summit. I loved the sight and taste of this busy city state en route to the Mediterranean Sea from Thailand in 1986 on our sail boat, Melekai. This historic land has much to offer, but where is the summit?

We rode around the city in a bus without reaching the summit. A child in the bus noticed my big eyes. She giggled and played peak-a-boo with me making the usual bumpy ride a memorable excursion.

A child noticing the human difference, she accepted it by playing with the exception. But what happens to us as we get older and more institutionalized? There are many and many more answers and questions about differences and needs.

The Summit hangs in this law land. I’m worried even though I live far away, because the bellicose threat is real, our existence and civilization can be obliterated in minutes.

To me, this Summit presents disregard of humanity. My worry may be just one from a silent and powerless minority. What is the expectation of the North Korea and U.S.? Just circling around topics without reaching conclusive outcome for us to plunge into a new era of peace by enticing North Korea to dump the final key of the nuclear threat just like we did circling around the city isn’t good enough.

“We’ll see” isn’t good enough as an answer from this most powerful nation (so I was told) in the world. I would have laughed out loud if I heard this rhetoric when I was growing up in Korea. U.S. seemed to live life beyond my imagination then, and in fact it still does even though I live in U.S. Those scandal ridden abusive officials/individuals have no qualms of morality. They are blinded and insulated by their wall of power.

There is no window in this wall. They dance at the tune of their own pathetic, pale echo whose monotone can’t vibrate the spectrum of rainbow. This summit brings its echo chamber across the big waters of the globe without window. The expectation: Only “Yes” sayers, no dialogue, bragging/threat, empty promises…AGAIN!

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