The Day After…

The calendar flips the day after the “Mother’s Day” marking other noteworthy days like “Memorial Day,” “Father’s Day,” on and on…

But once a mother, it is always one and I wear the badge of honor proudly.  My son once said in his young age, “You can’t quit that job (being a mother)!”  And I remember that voice with grin in his face with his winning argument.  I loved to argue with my sons until they beat me so soundly that I could not dig myself out of the trench.  I had a silent grin for my victory, because my sons were able to engage in verbal jousting working their neurons.

That was then.  Now I remember those voices and smiles in front of the river filled with elusive time, amorphous hope and dream in front of my house.  Does the river know its relationship with time?  Birds, wild flowers, flaming sun set and rise, snow and chip monks must tell it the time…time to dance and sing, time to mourn.  Am I in the wheel of time or in the running river?

I come back to the calendar, but I can’t go back to yesterday today or tomorrow.  But once a mother, one is always a mother.  I hold onto that badge of honor.  I even used that argument against my sons and I WON!  That victory was a long time ago, but maybe it might still happen now.  I might just win again.

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