Ring of Fire

I was born in South Korea in 1948, between the end of the WWII (1945) and Korean War (1950).  During the summer school break in 1967, I went to Thailand to visit my mother and stepfather.  At the end of the summer, I flew to Munich, Germany to continue school in different setting.  I met Steve, an American Graduate student in the Netherlands in a German Language school.  Steve and I got married in Vienna, Austria in 1970 and we flew to Hawaii.

In Hawaii we built a 48’ catamaran, Melekai (Song of Sea) and had two sons.  We lived on Melekai 14 years homeschooling children while sailing the big waters of the globe.

Melekai in various ports.

In Thailand
In Hawaii
In Rhodes, Greece
In Brisbane, Australia

Looking through a window

This writing is by my son, Stevaki (1970-1990)

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Star Dust

Star Dust is a collection of my writing about the loss and grief,

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Dedicated to her son, Yenna Yi’s delicate book “Star Dust” is a poignant navigation of life after loss, and how loss echos even as we strive to find bits of joy. “Snow can’t stop the Spring from coming– / Joy can’t be separated from soul”

     So many gentle lessons for all of us in this book of poems.



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Unvarnished Life

I call my early childhood unvarnished–roughhewn

between the aftermath of WWII, the Korean War, poverty,

family separation and loss.

However, I find beauty in unvarnished life–turning a

shed into a home, making dresses out of rag and drift

wood into art–thus savoring slivers of varnished life.

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