Ring of Fire

“Sky, peaks of mountains, crooked pine trees, mud flat and river back in Korea once dear to me have become distant in time. But time does not forget to bring distant landscape to different places giving my memory new meaning.” – Ring of Fire

Story Map

This map shows places that we sailed with our sail boat, Melekai between 1979-1986 with our two sons, Stevaki and Ano.
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Bruised Mind

Be empty of wanton thoughts Of lifting the rusty anchor Buried in mud. Instead notice how the morning fog Lifts like eye lids, as the sun Peaks behind the hills. Notice how pine needles tremble As the jewels drop into The stream below. Notice how a chip monk freezes Standing on hind legs, And notice … Continue reading Bruised Mind

Preparing for Winter

Stacked wood stands tall Absorbing all sounds, But the fall breeze echoes One continuous line starting With “Way back when…” That binds us together. I feel like a sister to scavengers Of good earth searching for acorns Knocking doors, turning corners And scattering leaves. Rushing in the rustling leaves We are destined to knock the … Continue reading Preparing for Winter


The fragrant August hostas Blooming along the stone wall Bear good tidings– There are still many warm days ahead Midst disrupted normal life In the year of pandemic. Scooping up water from the river With my cupped hands Wondering how rivers sweep Around the boulder Without disturbing its flow. Reflecting faces with smiles And twinkling … Continue reading Feelings

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