The world full of blusters and blunders

Is good enough for the rough and ready,

But no match to the string of coronavirus,

Unleashing the Paleolithic toxic fume

Cobbled together to seep through

The walls of digital world.

The anger tramples vengefully

On cultural warnings

And political threats.

Sneaky viruses with eyes wide open

Look straight ahead

Measure 6 feet,

Ready to jump on anything

For their microscopic world

Of rough and tumble to be grafted onto.

A monstrous war with a captain at helm

With soft knuckles, too blinded to read

The gyrating compass

Surrounded by the cacophony

Of advises of stopgap

As if herding a glitzy shindig.

The afflicted and medias scream S.O.S.


The Year of Coronavirus Outbreak

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