Spring Abundance

Slow, steady rain all day long fills potholes,

Birdbaths and rain barrels.

Between breaks from the rain,

I planted basil, thyme, and red dahlias

Lyn gave me next red tulips from Louise,

And red zinnias from Alice.

Tulips are gone by, lilac bush and columbines

Are soaking up the rain under the grey sky,

Flooding thirsty hearts and rivers.

With drops of promises and hopes.

Self-seeding wildflowers thrive along the shore

Of the pebble-lined river competing for specks of dirt.

Even non-natives squeeze themselves in,

And then they become natives in time.

Hopes and promises crowd my river of vein

Dotting in and out of the spring rain, imagining red flowers

In my flower beds. Rain barrels are full and ready

To quench thirst.


Year of the Rabbit