Preparing for Winter

Stacked wood stands tall

Absorbing all sounds,

But the fall breeze echoes

One continuous line starting

With “Way back when…”

That binds us together.

I feel like a sister to scavengers

Of good earth searching for acorns

Knocking doors, turning corners

And scattering leaves.

Rushing in the rustling leaves

We are destined to knock the same door

Of entropy where your ashes and mine

Are alike; your furry bodies with shiny

Darting eyes and my raking hands

Decomposed, chemically broken down

And be carried by streams to the big waters

Of ocean where we’ll roar the warning

Of tsunami together.

Here, my sisters,

We get ready for the winter

To be in our separate dens

To keep your furry bodies warm

And mine warmed by the wood.


Year of the Rat