Soul’s Pulse

           We are made of words.

                 Scott Momaday

Words to thoughts are

Like winds to sail, Heidegger said;

            Keep words well-trimmed to thought

            Simple, honest, true

            Sail stays close to the wind

            The ship keeps her course.

Common words, special words, foreign words

Words of wisdom tell stories to be saved by.

I have denied the gift

By placing feelings in parentheses

And periods before my heart’s desire,

And learned to turn deaf ears

Avoiding the blade of healing saber,

Turning an echo chamber into a sarcophagus.

Simplicity, honesty and truth

Are displaced by the rules of grammar,

As I hammer my round feelings

Into a square hole.

Words are the soul’s pulses 

Made of tears and flesh

That speak my heart to your heart.


Year of the Rabbit

From “Star Dust”