Mother of Pearl

When my children knocked on my door

Bearing the gift of unrehearsed motherhood

In their soft skin, I let them in.

The motherhood came without instructions

But with a bayonet on one side

And a sword on the other,

She cleared away debris on the path

Left behind the war

Holding an umbrella over us

In rain and harsh sunlight.

Sky was cerulean blue,

Water was crystal clear in trade winds,

And she rode her own cumulus cloud of freedom

Jousting endless debates on frayed edges

Of philosophical meanings

Of her own beliefs.

No need to be war ready,

The Cold War was somewhere in unmarked lands,

The distance guaranteed the safety

Of the shining pearls with soft skins

And babbling voices.

Motherhood like mother of pearl

Is invincible and boundless

Mending shortcomings of the past,

Making music like Ravel’s Bolero

In continual crescendo,

No one leaves, all marching in the dream beats.

Unlike the Bolero, the motherhood descends,

Unlike shining pearls, the motherhood dulls. 

I wish I could collect all the tears I have shed 

To fill the moat around the castle in the air.


The Year of Rat

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