Ring Of Fire


“Ring of Fire” is a memoir of my life. This book touches on aspects of growing up post war poverty in South Korea overcoming social repression and the many adventures that have led up to my life thus far. The war followed my displaced family when they repatriated from Japan at the end of the WWII. When I left Korea, and moved to Germany where I met my previous husband steve we got married and than moved to Hawaii and built a catamaran, ‘Melekai.” My memoir guides readers through the big waters of the globe of what society refers to as “the ring of fire” with found memories of  raising and schooling our sons on board all while learning different cultures, languages and local customs.

 Excerpt’s From Ring of Fire:

“As the wind continues rustling, I think of latitude and longitude lines a map connecting places, and the dotted lines of my memory which move and dance, defying time and distance. These dotted lines of my memory march into and than retreat from places of sorrow and joy, hope and despair far and near.

“I still wonder where all those coordinates are, coordinates of hope, happiness, rainbow and joy.”

“This makes me think that maybe we are all cast away’s from a ship wreck and on our deserted rocky shores with splinters of the ship strewn around, we need to move choices to carry on our responsibilities.”

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