The New and Old Year

The New Year is about to knock on our doors in a matter of hours.  After many years’ rituals taken granted, now the passing of time is becoming more precious and the world dearer.  I see new generation with new understanding of cultural discrepancies and compassion pulling people closer to each other in relationship and distance.  I want to be part of the close knit warp and weft of the humanity.  I want to feel and touch the moving warm breaths and arms around my body.  In the absence of the some warm bodies, oma (mom) and Stevaki (my son), I pray in joy and sorrow for them having been with me.  Memory in reflection of the past and renewing the strength of the warp and weft.      


I thank for all friends and their families who kept their doors open for me to walk into their lives after having been away for so long. I thank for their compassion. I am of time-mended broken shards. My hulmonie (grandmother in Korean) has said that once broken a jar always bears the scar.  In my opinion the healed scar with new skin gives another understanding of life of healing, love, loss and joy. Pray for the new year celebrating our healthy children and their children, for they are our hope and future.

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