The newly spread sheets of snow over the joyful Johnny Jump-ups with the bone chilling temperature tells me that the winter is here.  In the end of December when the earth has fully reached its maximum tilt, I think about the daily changes of weather.

What difference of 23 degrees of the tilt of the earth brings to our lives?  It brings the bone chilling gusty wind in this high northern latitude this time of the year.  I remember the time when we sailed into the Northern tip of New Zealand from New Caledonia in December, 1985, the summer there.

The Bay of Islands was delightfully crowded where the annually migrating holiday-makers in their recreational boats flowed from the big city of Auckland.  Flowers adorned the cliffs as we sailed by, and black swans graced the sandy beaches.  My boys dove into the bay and brought bunches of scallops in their hands.  It was the first time we grilled them straight out of their shells.




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